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Practice AyurvedaAyurveda is a word from the Sanskrit language that literally translates into the wisdom of life. It is a holistic health science that was founded in India, and takes a complete approach to healthcare and lifestyle management. Ayurveda incorporates diet, exercise, seasonal and lifestyle routines, detoxification practices, spiritual growth, psychological support, bodywork treatments, and botanical medicine. It is a functional medicine it can be applied to any person, regardless of age, race, or current condition. Ayurveda has been practiced around the globe for over 5,000 years. It has a continuous tradition of professional practice, research and education since its origin. It is a tried and true method for reaching optimum health, as it empowers everyone to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Ayurveda offers a natural approach to treating imbalances, while remaining a cost effective and proven solution. It emphasizes prevention, as well as an individualized and multidimensional wellness method, as it considers spiritual, intellectual, behavioral, social, and environmental factors into your wellness plan.

Ayurveda brings awareness to the fact that each person has a unique constitution. Just as we are all genetically unique, so are we within our ayurvedic constitution. Find out how the simple self-care practices such as daily cleansing routines, nourishing dietary guidelines, and supportive herbal therapies will bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony. Ayurvedic therapies will allow you to find a moment in space and time to become aware of the present, tune in with the rhythms of nature and become more established within your constitution. Once you start to feel comfort within your body it creates peace of mind and a desire to continue the elevation into higher wellness.

What Others Are Saying

Jackie Christensen is fantastic- the perfect combination of intelligent and pragmatic. I was referred through a friend and was a bit unsure about what to expect. Jackie was clear, concise and knowledgeable.

I finished our session with very tangible tips and examples of what to incorporate and change in my life. It has been only a couple weeks, but I already have noticed substantial change with my overall energy and health.

I feel so much better and was/am completely amazed by how profound the results were. Seriously, I was starting to feel as if I had tried it all. Wish I had been in contact with Jackie first! Could sing her praise all day- simply, she is fantastic.

I came to Jackie after I had tried many alternative methods on the road to better health. I had been to a naturopath and gotten acupuncture and chinese meds and although they helped I was still feeling sluggish and down. This was the missing link!!

She showed me what worked and didn't work specific to my sensitive system. She gave easy ideas for daily diet, dos and donts, as well as deep cleansing formulas. I owe her so much! I feel incredible!

Ready to greet each day with loads of energy and enthusiasm!!! Big thanks to Jackie Christensen! I will be recommending her to anyone who needs a little or a big help on the road to healthy vibrant living!

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Programs are custom designed according to the season and your unique constitution.

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Comprehensive visit includes constitutional analysis,  case history, tongue, pulse , nail and facial examination. Recommendations may include dietary guidelines, herbal suggestions, relaxation techniques, detoxification therapies, exercise and lifestyle programs to restore health.

Ayurveda Transformation

Connect the ancient wisdom to the modern you!  This 6 week wellness program is designed to balance your unique constitution. We keep it simple and workable to enhance your daily, vibrant life.

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