Bio-Individual Detoxification Program

Bio-Individual Detoxification ProgramWe live in a toxic world! More than 2,400,000,000 pounds of chemical emissions are pumped into the air on a daily bases. Toxins enter the body through the lungs, skin and mouth and are hidden in our everyday foods and drinks. These free radicals and harmful substances can build up in your body over time and cause fatigue, poor immune function, sleep disturbances, aches, pains, and low energy. To help the body heal itself, natural health care experts recommend practicing a regular detoxification program. Detoxification is one of the most direct and effective ways to improve your overall health quickly, but there is no one program that is appropriate for everyone and with all the detoxification and cleansing products available finding the right method can be overwhelming.

Bio-Individual Detoxification is here to take the burden out of your hands as a certified nutritional consultant, master herbalist and holistic health expert will walk you through the detoxification process and design a program based on your specific wellness goals. Your Bio-Individual Detoxification Program will include dietary guidelines, relaxation techniques, lifestyle recommendations, supplement suggestions and personal support to ensure your success.

  • Achieve your wellness and fitness goals today!
  • Increase energy so you can enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Improve digestion and eat for your true self.
  • Sleep better and wake up less drowsy.
  • Detoxify your mind, body and spirit.
  • Reverse signs of the aging process.
  • Reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Lose weight and feel great.
  • Improve mental clarity.
  • Achieve inner and outer beauty naturally.

To begin please complete the Bio-Individual Detoxification Questionnaire below, then schedule your Bio-Individual Detoxification Consultation appointment. We will assess the questionnaire with you and answer any inquiries you may have, then design the perfect program to suit your wellness needs.

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Bio-Individual Detoxification Program Pricing-

-1 Week Program includes email, phone and text support (supplements not included): $125

-1 Month Program includes email, phone and text support (supplements not included): $200

Small Changes = Great Improvements

-Bio-Individual Detoxification Program (1 wk) & Naturopathic Evaluation/Program: $260

-Bio-Individual Detoxification Program (1 mo) & Naturopathic Evaluation/Program: $300

Bio-Individual Detoxification Questionnaire

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What are your main reasons for scheduling a Bio-Individual Detoxification Program?

How long would you like to participate in your Bio-Individual Detoxification Program?
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Have you ever participated in a detoxification program?
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If yes, please explain the type of program and your results

Please list any current health conditions diagnosed by a medical doctor

Please list any known or suspected environmental, food, herbal and medication allergies

Please list any medications and over-the-counter drugs you are currently taking and the reasons why:

Please list any herbs, vitamins and dietary supplements you are taking and the reasons why

How would you rate your overall health?
poor fair excellent 

How would you rate your level of stress?
high moderate low 

What are your current weight goals?

What are your most important health and wellness goals?

What foods do you crave?

How would you rate your level of energy?

Do you have any symptoms such as gas bloating, diarrhea, constipation immediately after consuming certain foods?
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If yes, please list the food and the symptom

How many bowel movements do you have?
2 or more daily 1 daily less than 1 daily 

Do you have itchy
Ears Feet Rectum Genitals Scalp Skin in general 

Please list any areas on your body where there are dry patches of skin?

Do you have poor smelling
Feet Underarms General body odor 

Do you have any gum or mouth infections?
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If yes, please describe:

Do you generally have a white coating on your tongue?
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Do you develop symptoms on exposure to strong fumes, smoke, exhaust, fragrances?
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Do you commonly experience brain fog, fatigue, or drowsiness?
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Do you feel ill after consuming small amounts of alcohol?
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Do you feel ill after consuming small amounts of caffeine?
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Risk of Exposure

Do you have a water purification system in your home?
Yes No 

Do you have any indoor pets?
Yes No 

Do you have an air purification system in your home?
Yes No 

Do you use conventional cleaners in your home (disinfectants, drain cleaners, bleach)?
Yes No 

Do you use nail polish, perfume, hair spray, or cosmetics?
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Are you exposed to dust, overstuffed furniture, tobacco smoke, incense, or varnish in your home?
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Do you use aerosol pesticides in your home?
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Have you noticed any negative health changes since you moved into your current home?
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Have you noticed any negative health changes since you started your current job?
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